Vaughn Warren

Artist Biography

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Vaughn Warren is a multi-media Canadian artist and cultural worker of French/British descent. After exploring digital art and design at Caribou College in 1989 Kamloops BC, Vaughn began self-teaching and learning on-the-job, beginning in 1990 with the Mad Artists Mural Company of Vancouver BC. During 4 years with Mad Artists, he also began scenic painting and prop making on feature films, including ‘Jumanji’, ‘Hard Core Logo’, and Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster ‘2012’. During this time, Vaughn also started carving fossilized mammoth ivory jewelry.

After about 7 years in Vancouver, Vaughn moved back to Kamloops where he carried on painting murals, illustrating, carving fossilized mammoth ivory and wood and providing various graphic design services.

In 2001, he designed the City of Kamloops Tournament Capital of Canada logo, and was subsequently contracted to carve the image in 4 tonnes of wood for the foyer of Tournament Center and airbrush the logo 18’ wide on center court (2006 and 2014) also at TCC. In 2002, he completed the 20’ high ‘Riverpole’ and oversaw its prominent installation in Kamloops.

In 2003, Vaughn was hired by the Kamloops Art Gallery as Preparator and then as Exhibition Designer, where he worked closely with leading contemporary Canadian artists and curators (including Rebecca Belmore, Jin-me Yoon, Ann Kipling and Daphne Odjig) to pack, ship, install and otherwise manage technical museum matters.

In 2005, Vaughn was chosen as a team member for installing the 2005 Venice Biennale (KAG/BELKIN Rebecca Belmore’s ‘Fountain’), and spent 2 months in Venice, Italy completing the job. In 2008, Vaughn left the KAG and resumed his free-lance artistic practice, focusing on massive wood sculpture and fossilized mammoth ivory carving.

In 2011, he was commissioned by the Kamloops Museum to design and coordinate the install of the new Kamloops Children’s Museum and History of Kamloops exhibits. Other significant works included 3 pole carvings for Logan Lake, murals for the Kamloops Blazers and producing ‘Carving Kamloops’ Pole Carving Competition at Riverside Park (2000, 2001).

During 2010-2018, Vaughn focused on various Artist Residencies at local high schools, delivering specialized projects for young arts students in Kamloops, especially First Nations youth and youth at risk.

Vaughn’s works include the ‘Turbulent’ twin murals at the entrance to Riverside Park (2014, Lorne St. underpass), work in local high schools as an Arts Council Outreach instructor, a massive carving for the MMIWG Commission (Skeetchestn Indian Band), mammoth ivory carving and freelance graphic design (corporate identity and sign making).

In January 2016, Vaughn was awarded the Mayor’s Award for the Arts (Design) in recognition of his work in the Kamloops region.

Vaughn has served on a variety of arts related boards and organizations in Kamloops, including the Kamloops Arts Council, Kamloops Museum Association, Graffiti Task Force, Kamloops Arts Commission, Kamloops Makerspace and ART International.